Cruising in south brittany

Sailing school

Anchored in southern Brittany, on the Gulf of Morbihan and the Bay of Quiberon,
we offer three flexible formulas on request.

Sailing coaching

260 euros to 320 euros per day

Coaching in modular private lessons on your boat, sailboat owner or that you rent.

Alone or with one of your loved ones, personalized support taking into account your availability.

Sessions whose objective is to master the skills of an autonomous and responsible skipper by following a global curriculum or specific technical modules.

Sailing courses

120 to 160 euros per day

Sailing courses in cruise school, modular on demand, in consecutive days or spread over time.

With a boarding capacity limited to 4 trainees to ensure a real quality of training.

Accompanied in an individualized way as part of a crew dynamic, where you alternately occupy all roles, you forge your skill as an autonomous skipper.

Cruise with skipper

120 euros per day or
Privatized sailboat 620 euros per day

And for the curious, introductory days by discovering the marine environment by sailing.

Along the water, on a sailboat sliding on the bay of Quiberon, towards the ponant islands and the Gulf of Morbihan, let yourself be guided along varied and changing seascapes.

You contemplate and participate in the maneuvers if you wish during this mini cruise with skipper.

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